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We are a network of global organic supply chains. Our network partners whom we term as “Value Chain Partners” are farmers’ groups and processing units presently located in the following 5 states in India: Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Orissa and Jharkand. Today we are working with three processing value chain partners. Our network of value chain partners specialize in the production, processing and marketing of certified organic food, food ingredients, cosmetic ingredients and feed ingredients. Our products are certified as per USDA-NOP, EU Regulations and NPOP. Our supply chain is built on pro-poor development principles and intended to have positive social, economic and environmental impact on the poorest sections of the community with whom we work.

Our Portfolio Product

Organic Oils, Butter, Lecithin and Glycerin

Ekologie Forte works with our value chain partner for the production of organic cold pressed oils, butters and lecithins. We produce edible organic cold pressed oils like – sesame oil, safflower oil, flax oil, soy oil and sunflower oil. We also produce non-edible cold pressed oils for cosmetic ingredients like moringa oil, neem oil and black cumin seed oil. We have a production facility for the production of organic mango butter from wild collected mangoes. We have a state of art lecithin production facility for the production of organic soy lecithin and organic sunflower lecithin. Both these lecithins are produced from our the oils produced in our cold press processing units.

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Kompleet Feeds – Brand for Complete Organic Animal Nutrition

Kompleet Feeds represents the brand of feed ingredients and compound feeds which provide quality and wholesome nutrition to livestock, poultry and aquatic organisms. These feed ingredients and compound feeds are produced in state of the art production facilities by different “Value Chain Partners“, We are producing the feed ingredients like – Organic Soy Lecithin, Organic Cane Molasses, Organic Maize, Organic Soybean, Organic Wheat, Organic Barley, Organic Cracked Corn, Organic Soy Meal, Organic Flax Seed Meal and Organic Full Fat Soya.

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Organic Cosmetic Ingredients and Cosmetics

Ekologie Forte produces a range of organic cosmetic ingredients – mainly cold pressed fixed carrier oils and organic vegetable glycerine. The organic cold pressed fixed carrier oils which are produced by us are – Castor Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Neem Oil, Moringa Oil, Fenugreek Oil, Sesame Oil, Flax Seed Oil and Sunflower Oil. We have a production facility for the production of organic mango butter from wild collected mangoes. Ekologie Forte produces through its value chain partners – Organic Vegetable Glycerin which is produced by Continuous High Pressure Hydrolysis which is in compliance with USDA-NOP and EU Regulations Ekologie Forte produces organic goat milk based cosmetics through its brand – OrganiQKosmetiK..

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Organic Oleoresins and Organic SCO2 Extracts

Ekologie Forte along with our value chain partner to produce organic oleoresins and organic SCO2 extracts. The organic Oleoresin we are producing are Black Cumin seed oil, Turmeric oil, Cumin Seed extract, Onion extract, Fenugreek seed extract, Coriander oil, Amaranth oil, Fennel seed oil, Ginger oil, Ginger oleoresin and Garlic oil.

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Organic Sweeteners

Ekologie Forte is producing Organic Cane Sugars of the grade ICUMSA 100 to 150 and ICUMSA 450. Organic Cane Sugar produced is in compliance to USDA-NOP and EU Organic Regulations. Our sugar production units also produce Organic Muscovado Sugar (Jaggery). Ekologie Forte in association with tribal farmers groups in Central India – through our value chain partner is engaged in the production of Organic Stevia Powder and Extract. Ekologie Forte is working along with honey producers in Maharashtra and are now marketing in India organic natural honey from different flora of central India.

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Organic Goat Milk

Ekologie Forte as a part of its initiative for developing sustainable climate resilient livelihoods – are now engaged in community based production of goat milk through farmers’ clusters. The production process also engages a participatory animal breeding process through milk yields of local goat breeds are increased. At present, the goat milk collected is being used for the production of goat milk cosmetics. We are now in the process of establishing a production unit for selling goat milk and goat cheese.

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Tito’s Organic – Brand of Organic Dry Groceries and Culinary Oils

Ekologie Forte processes and markets organic dry groceries and oils through its brand – Tito’s Organic. The products under this brand is sold in domestic market. The products carried under this brand are – organic cereals, pulses, spices, oil seeds, culinary oils and sugars.

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Our Certifications

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