What does ‘ORGANIC’ mean?

Organic means grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms or
pesticides through organic practices and striving to promote the following:

1. Reducing air, water, soil pollution as well the chemicals that we indirectly consume
2. Keeping the soil healthy
3. Helping our farmers sustain
4. Development of and supporting our local farmers
5. Helping our Mother Earth sustain to protect future generations
6. Avoiding genetically modified food
7. Promoting biodiversity
8. Better tasting organic produce enriched with nature’s goodness
9. Being true to the way nature intended
10. Making our way of life organic

What are ‘ORGANIC OILS’?

Oils that are non-GMO:
Organic oils are oils that are organically extracted from organic non-GMO seeds or produce. Through genetic modification focus is just on the desired traits (which is a very unnaturalprocess).

If something is labeled as organic with the true meaning of what organic food issupposed to be, it means that it is not genetically modified in any way. Genetic modification is
done in order to increase resistance to pests, diseases, harsh environments but along with it comehealth risks like allergies, toxicity, effects on the immune system and even damaging theenvironment due to chemical overuse. Consuming organic protects you from such health risks.
Being labeled as Organic will always mean that it is non-GMO but products that are non-GMOare not necessarily organic.

Oils that are Cold-pressed or Expeller-pressed and NOT Solvent pressed:
Organic Oils are made by naturally crushing seeds. No kind of chemical or external heat is used in the process. In the expeller pressed oils there is some friction involved in the process of the extraction so there is some heat produced. In the other kind being cold pressed neither chemicals are used nor any heat is generated and so it retains its nutritional value better and is known for its high content of antioxidants as well. These oils are known for being extracted without the inorganic way of using solvents.
Absence of synthetic residues:
Now after learning of the method by which organic oils are obtained, we can easily understand that the organic kind wouldn’t be having any sort of synthetic chemical residue in it at the end of the process. However when it comes to the solvent extracted oils, there is a possibility, even if microscopic amounts, of some unnatural residues in the oil. Moreover these oils being inorganic

means that they are obtained from inorganic plants which automatically suggests that the plants were subjected to inorganic methods (chemicals) of farming. Whereas with all the natural care
and efforts taken to sow, grow and produce oils maintaining its organic purity, such synthetic
residues are not found.


The benefits of using organic oils are similar to the benefits of choosing organic food:
1.Better overall health

Public health risks decrease due to the use of organic practices. Because then it does not involve use of chemicals in the production. Natural techniques are utilized to produce healthy and safe produce like using natural fertilizers, traditional crop rotation methods, etc. by adopting and promoting such organic practices we are not only supporting our organic farmers but even taking care of their health, the families involved, the consumers and our environment.

2.Organic oils are not genetically modified
If something is labeled as organic with the true meaning of what organic food is supposed to be, it means that it is not genetically modified in any way. Genetic modification is done in order to increase resistance to pests, diseases, harsh environments but along with it come health risks like allergies, toxicity, effects on the immune system and even damaging the environment due to chemical overuse. Consuming or using organic products protects you from such health risks. Being labeled as Organic will always mean that it is non-GMO but products that are non-GMO are not necessarily organic.

3.Antioxidant content
The use of chemicals affects the nutritional properties of the produce. However, when it comes to organic products, antioxidants in the products are not hampered due to the restrictions on the use of chemicals. So these products are said to consist of higher levels of some important antioxidant phytochemicals like flavonoids, anthocyanins and carotenoids. And these essential antioxidants have a lot of positive impact on health when it comes to blood pressure, effects on one’s immune system, cognitive functioning and even heart related illnesses.

4.Improved heart condition
Being organic, the products consumed or used are free from pesticides and other chemicals. Plus studies have shown that organically grown foods have higher levels of flavonoids and antioxidants than its conventional kind. Antioxidants and flavonoids are known to protect against heart related illnesses.

5.Stronger immune system
Organic produce or ingredients are not genetically modified, no chemicals are used in the farming process and strict farming standards are followed to maintain its natural quality. Due to this, the body is prepared to naturally defend itself against diseases. By fighting against viruses and bacteria that are naturally present in the produce, it strengthens the immune system. And its high quality and nutrient, mineral enrichment further enhances healthy living. Whereas with the genetic modifications done in conventional farming methods, the immune system is at risk of decline. There are adverse effects in the long run.

6.Cutback on Pesticides
Natural preventive measures are used when it comes to organic farming. Like Crop rotation, maintaining the quality and health of the soil, improving biodiversity and following closely the path of the natural ecosystem. Fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and all such chemicals are strictly avoided. Because when these chemicals are used in conventional farming, although in small amounts are indirectly being consumed by us through the residues left behind. These chemicals affect our health in various ways. This awareness is causing people to choose organic foods.

7.Better taste
Wouldn’t you love the produce you consume to be free from chemicals and other toxic elements? And all the extra care that is taken to get such organic food is what adds to it tasting better and being of a higher quality than the conventionally grown produce. When the processes take their natural course and nothing unnatural is involved, the end product is filled with all the goodness that nature has to offer and so it naturally tastes better.

8.Environmental safety
Organic standards for farming do not permit the use of toxic chemicals. Care is taken to maintain the quality of produce by just using natural methods. And this sustainable process not helps yield high quality produce, but it even supports the environment and its biodiversity. Such organic practices increase the fertility of the soil; reduce soil and water pollution. With all the climatic changes that our planet is going through, this organic change is the need of the hour.

9.Supports Biodiversity
Organic Agriculture is the most animal friendly form of farming. The plants and animals are brought up in the most natural manner, free of modifications. More diversity is found on the organic farms because natural processes are followed that uses almost no chemicals and invites the birds, bees, butterflies, small mammals and even maintains and enhances the healthy life of the soil.

10.You are ensured that you are consuming or using good ingredients/products
Organic produce is as fresh as you can get because there’s no chemical used in order to change the natural properties of the plant. There are no preservatives or artificial colorant, additives and flavors used. Hence, organic is in high demand.


Why choose Ekologie Forte for its organic ingredients and products?

At Ekologie Forte we have a huge selection of certified Organic oils. These organic oils are obtained using strict organic methods of production and the oil is obtained from seeds that are grown using organic farming methods, so all that we offer is organic right from its seed. The organically grown seeds are free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and herbicide residues. All these measures assure that the end-product that you obtain is free from any sort of contamination. If any treatment measures are taken, they are biological and natural.
The cold-pressed method of extraction ensures that neither chemicals are used nor any heat is generated in oil extraction. Following natural processes with non-GMO seeds enables us to give you products in their most natural form, hence, preserving its nutritional value and yielding higher levels of antioxidants.
Ours is a network of fair-trade that is helping with the development of our local farmers and promoting sustainability. All involved in the process from the sowing of the seed to the manufacturer are all conscious of the environment striving to create a better greener place for all. And you as consumers choosing us to be a part of your organic lifestyle are assisting us in creating a stronger impact to attain sustainability.
Choose from the best USDA-NOP, EU regulations and NPOP certified organic oils – essential oils, carrier oils and spice oils:
Organic Black Cumin Seed (Kalonji) Oil
Organic Castor Oil
Organic Flax seed oil / linseed oil
Organic Fenugreek Oil
Organic Moringa Oil
Organic Neem Oil
Organic Sesame Oil
Organic Safflower Seed Oil
Organic Sunflower Seed Oil
Organic Wheat germ Oil
Our organic products are exported throughout the world. Ekologie Forte manufactures and exports products to USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, etc. Any organic ingredient or product that we grow, manufacture, wholesale and export must meet the USDA NOP standards.   
Let us all GO ORGANIC with the amazing organic products and ingredients from Ekologie Forte

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