Organic Allergen Free Vegetable Glycerin

What is Organic Vegetable Glycerin?

Organic Vegetable Glycerin is a colorless and odorless liquid that has its use in the food and
cosmetic industry. This is obtained from organic plant oils like organic palm, organic soy and
organic coconut oil.

What is Vegetable Glycerin used for?

It has many uses because it is easily soluble in both water and alcohol giving the end-product a
smooth texture. It is popular in the cosmetic industry for its emollient properties by which it
soothes the skin by locking in moisture. Hence, it is found in many skin care and hair care
In the food industry this pure vegetable glycerin is used as a thickener and a sweetener. You can
flavor your food with glycerine based herbal extracts. It is even used in toothpastes, herbal
remedies (which taste better because it adds some natural sweetness) and for other household
Ekologie Forte offers you the best organic, non-GMO, hypoallergenic vegetable glycerin that is
cold-pressed in order to get the best of its benefits.

Benefits of Organic Glycerin:

· It helps to retain moisture.
· It enhances the texture of unhealthy skin caused by irritants or pollutants in the environment.
· It doesn’t clog the pores and keeps the skin and scalp free from acne causing bacteria
· It keeps skin and hair hydrated.
· It is even used as a soothing salve for discomforts and conditions of the skin.
· It acts a protective barrier for the skin keeping away contaminants and pollutants of the environment and reducing any irritation.
· It keeps food moist.
· It adds natural sweetness.
· It may limit hydration.
· It may help with reducing constipation.

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