Organic Mango Butter

We All Love Mangoes In Its Sweet Ripe State As Well As In Its Mouth Watering Sour State. The Fruit Is Filled With Antioxidants And Nutrients. And Now We Get To Reap Some More Benefits In The Form Of ‘Organic Mango Butter’.

Its Making:

The Mango Seeds Are Collected And Washed. Then The Seeds Are Dried And Then Roasted In A Roaster. Then The Hull Is Removed And The Mango Butter Is Extracted From The Kernel. And This Is Done Through An Expeller-pressed Method, I.E. No Use Of Chemical Solvents. And It Is Physically Refined In Order To Maintain Its Natural Integrity.

Uses Of Mango Butter:

  • Having a low melting point (35-43℃), it melts easily and can be used as body oil because it gets absorbed as easily.
  •   It helps ease dry skin conditions.
  •   It blends well with other oils. So it can be used in the different balms, lotions, gels, creams, shampoos and many more uses.  
  •   It has mild to non-existent odor so it can be mixed with different essences easily.
  •   It works as a good hair conditioner.
  •   Having a creamy texture and being quite moisturizing, it is used in the formulas of lip balms, body butters, creams and soaps and thus a good constituent in cosmetics.

Benefits Of Mango Butter:

  • It is packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • It is moisturizing.
  • Mango butter contains a natural polyphenol known as Mangiferin that is known for treating inflammation and pain with its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It has high oxidative stability, i.e. it does not get affected by oxygenation that easily and hence a good shelf life. And can be blended with other oils in order to gain its benefits.
  • High level of non-saponifiables. So it doesn’t get saponified with the other elements and hence highly moisturizing in nature.
  • It is non-comedogenic, which means that it does not clog pores.  
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